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Goalkeeper School

The best goalie training available in the region for boys and girls of all ages. Age appropriate drills.

Advanced Training and for beginners.

Focus on diving, quick footwork, positioning and reactions. 

Directed by former professional Goalkeeper in Europe (Portugal/Germany), Sergio Taborda

"V-Stars "

Live your Victory dream fully! V-Stars for boys and girls between 11 and 16 years. 

The project is serious and has innovative methods of management and training of young participants: soccer training and specialization full of pure fun, a modern and ambitious project, but above all proactive and educative. 

The goal is to convey the quality of the Victory Soccer School Model to the amateur level.

The technical team operating in the V-Stars team has been properly trained and licensed by U.S.S.F. and is constantly supported by the Victory Research Center. 

The collaboration with the staff of Top European Clubs Youth Sector provides additional strengths to the proposed activity. 

Playing in V-Stars means experience a highly educative opportunity both in terms of technical and educational activities where they can devote themselves with seriousness and passion. And for families in ensuring a management staff that takes care of organizational details and of the welfare of young players.

"The Soccer School"

The Victory soccer school for boys and girls between 9 and 10 years   

The Victory Soccer School project is open to boys and girls aged 9 to 10. This project was launched to provide young people in Greater Boston with an opportunity for quality training.

Victory puts all the experience of its educational model (Victory Model ) at the service of the children, allowing participants to live "Victory" in a fun way, feeling part of the great Victory family.

The Victory Soccer School team, follows participants step by step, offering specific annual and monthly programs, which are specifically designed taking into account the age and development of attendants.
During the year, moreover, the Victory team performs a series of motor tests that allow assessing the athletic growth and monitoring the motor development of children.

"V-Kickers Project"

The soccer school for boys and girls aged 6 to 8 who want to get started in Victory soccer. Your kick-off! 

The "V-Kickers project", designed for the 6-8 age range, started with the aim to develop the technical and motor skills of young participants, taking also care of the socio-cultural aspect of their training in order to allow a global growth.

To put it simply: give small members a unique sports experience and allow them to come into contact, from a very young age, with the game of soccer. 

The game, the serenity and the opportunity to express their imagination are essential for safe learning.

Starts September 4th -  10 Week Program - $200

 Every Wednesdays

5:00 PM to 6:00 PM 

"Mighty V's"

for boys and girls 3 to 5 years old

Benefits For Children

Coordination – Confidence – Character
Agility – Balance – Strength
Life Skills – Team Skills – Social Skills
Basic Soccer Skills – Elementary Techniques – An understanding of the game
Healthy lifestyle habits – Fitness – Endurance
Improved Self-Concept and Self-Esteem
Creativity – The Curriculum engages the children and makes them use their imagination
Fun – Kids learn best while enjoying themselves
Educational – encouraging learning and development through experience and repetition of skills
Exercise -- improves memory, attention, immune system, mood, and fights obesity, stress, depression, diabetes, and low self-esteem

Programs are at Brookwood School

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Victory Soccer has a no refund policy

Victory Soccer has a no refund policy